Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Review and Road Test. The most comfortable long haul bike I have ever been on.

This is my Rocket 3 touring I had for 4 years from new. Almost all my riding was done in the Costa Blanca Spain. After the first 1500 miles the Bike developed a rear wobble. There was no obvious tyre damage so I took the bike to my local dealer in Alicante 50 miles away along the motorway.

Had to wait about a month as this was a new model, no tyres for this bike were in stock in Spain.

With a new tyre  no wobble. 1500 miles and 14 months later same problem so a new tyre was fitted. A few months later the bike was recalled and a Metzler tyre fitted front and back. Apparently I was the first with internal wall splits found on most Rocket 3 Touring rear tyres

Sun,Sea,Sand, 47 degrees and a 2300cc Very Hot Engine

60mls 100km to Santa Pola just past Alicante Airport. Harbour temperature sign being photographed by all the tourists. Try sitting on this I thought as the engine fan starts. Must be 50 or more in the traffic.

A Couple Of Bad Bits


The Brake Lever Pivot easily snaps if the knocked forwards. Remove the lever regularly to see if there are any cracks on the inside as it is half the thickness of the outside.

I used my front brake in anger rolling it down a ramp. It snapped off and all 400kgs+ ended up on top of me.

Rear Panniers are big on the outside but very small inside.

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